Scorpio Horoscope - Blood Type A Personality

I do not know what he was thinking? This is what you give people the impression of mystery. This type of person stiff reticent appearance, good at communication; introverted temperament and conservative, like a snail shell hiding, not like someone broke into its inner world. This gives the impression of its appearance, but if look closely, you will find that hidden beneath the appearance of the inner world, are two very different style. Your warm and sentimental heart, courage and perseverance, others can not watch silently from your appearance.

     When nothing unusual, A-type - Scorpio, quiet as at the child; a something happens, they move such as rabbits. This is the biggest Scorpio personality characteristics. Type A - Scorpio is unwilling had an extraordinary life. Your imagination is rich, like their own fantasies, depicting the future scene. You can say that this type of person is full of romantic emotion, but not just blindly living in a dream, from the office to get down to business is both calm and resolute, is not ambiguous, clearly revealed the Type A - Scorpio two different look.

      This type of person most likely to cause heart excitement is jealous. Degree of envy achievements, almost the point of madness. And by jealousy quickly turn into hatred, even before surpass the achievements of those who hate, hate this mentality is difficult to disappear. Similarly, contrary to his mind, is also not allowed. This character trait is Scorpio. As it literally refers to animals - scorpion, its surface moderate toxic body is implied, if it is to offend, it will sting in the tail hook, and the venom injected into the human body. Is a very dangerous poison.

Type A - Scorpio, if restraint inherent emotion, the envy of the heart into a hair upward force, to others or yourself, are helpful.