Scorpio Horoscope : Blood Type B Personality

Type B - Scorpio, target focused and passionate, this attachment will form endurance and concentration, and thorough completion of the goal, is to fall too neat restitution, not forgetting the original intention to move forward. If you reach a purpose, and then forward indefinitely dig down deep.

To retreat areas not seen by everyone, holding a strong interest and concerns. Mysterious death of the world, deep psychological, followed by hidden part of human society so that the probe into the sun never shone inside the world, holding the desire to know the true face of want to explore this explore the mysteries of the human heart the flesh .... that is to unravel the mystery of the universe medicine and astronomy and various scientific scope away. Excellent concentration and sustainability, the ability to form a good and enthusiastic attitude survey research. Type B - Scorpio people have the ability to identify the real.

Type B - Scorpio has a deep thinking, no matter how beautiful and complete surface can also see through the inside of the complex reality, seen through the mask covering the human heart. But despite knowing which case, it will not casually say, do not mess expose the truth, after all, the secret is a secret, hidden by the darkness to darkness.

This type of person, itself likely to have a secret, so people hate to be seen through the mind, there is a lockout sex, relatives and friends are not one hundred percent carry the door. There sociability on the surface, happy to act, but not sincerely happy, always feel that sociability is hypocritical affectation. While thoughtful conversations, jokes joking nature is calm and preferences alone.

Appearance does not seem so tough impression, but the inner surface of the complex personality, like a cache of steely tough. Have a strong spiritual strength and endurance, if something happens, it played out, as overwhelming as other outbreaks. Usually mild, but strong defensive than attacking, if an enemy, is a formidable opponent.