Scorpio Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

Type AB - Scorpio is "cautious calm type." Do everything gentle and humble, never boast their ability to move silently, which can be said to be type AB - general tendency of Scorpio. Totally not nosy or cheeky, mood swings and other self-showy desire. Whenever all sitting in a corner, in an inconspicuous presence, maintaining self-style.

Type AB - Scorpio is the action was better than static, not as good as yin yang nature. However, like in the above-mentioned negative mode of action in which a strong potential power unpredictable. Sharp insight and thorough Discovery desire, at the AB-type characteristic calm and rational level, secure storage for strength and smoothly. In the critical moment, they are able to phrase the point, or the momentum and interest, or a Ming amazing cache of unparalleled power in internal fighting. Therefore, AB type - Scorpio people are silent and do not anger and Granville. In the heart, such as the burning of the fiery lava, this personality in the eyes of others, perhaps the mysterious and charismatic presence of it! Was wrapped in a veil of mystery AB type - Scorpio, maybe a "surprise attack" are.

Everything is good, do not reveal in response to the wind and thorough "cautious calm" type, such as type AB - Scorpio, naturally not his own shortcomings and mistakes to others, but even with the advantages and merits refused to inform imports. But everything is not want people to know the hidden attitude, inevitably give people the impression of self-enclosed. Where possible, there will be a wide berth of misfortune. By communicative surface will not get friends with utter sincerity; and because of the silence of the personality, we invite misunderstanding, rejection being around people, is considered eccentric, etc. This is type AB - Scorpio may consider place.

However, once cut open the heart and liver, the extent of its trustworthiness, nor is broadly comparable. AB nasty disputes in human temperament, we see still hidden deep emotion. When they were betrayed, Scorpio idea of revenge dedication and type AB, will be played exhaustive; however, keep things on their own, they could not be easily violated.