Libra Horoscope : Blood Type O Personality

Their character and temperament, the biggest feature is: Excellent, "the US consciousness." Take clothing as an example of it. They even minor part of the clothing, but also consider the conditions of the United States, so carefully selected clothing, will certainly enviable. Since ancient times, society in the name of flowers, many of which are type O - Libra women. This type of person except outstanding beauty, but also saw a high level of conversation skills, make contact with people they do not get bored. As the pursuit of beauty, they especially hate and others argue, this after being angered others, under a large crowd to expose the ugly face of anger, which is contrary to the practice of awareness of their beauty. So they will not be allowed.

This type of person gives a first impression of others, always good; first meet was annoying, such things rarely happen to him. This is because this type of person, nature knows ways to please others, but they themselves know how to treat people fairly polite. Do not hesitate to drag on, which is O-great charm. Because this reason, they always gathered around a lot of people, and society's Shen Shi, like ladies, like joy and humor life. But they also understand that the timing of the body back, one should not indulge in them. Just blindly focus on "US consciousness", it is easy to become shallow and vulgar, people only pay attention to appearance. Especially type O - Libra had labored to do something nasty, causing indolent character. If such a strong personality manifested, that they put themselves into so nasty frivolous type.

Because when this type of person making things, just things done smoothly, so the lack of enthusiasm, there may even be careless attitude. On the other hand because they do not want to make someone feel very strongly unhappy that this idea in their hearts always there, so intentionally or unintentionally, are hoping to please others. Even if they did not mean to say that contrary to the intention of flattery, they subconsciously still be exposed to please others side.

O type in "black and white" many examples, but the extreme right Libra, very tricky. Therefore, O-- Libras can be roughly divided into two categories District: one is slow and indecisive type; the other is a non-obvious expression is type. These two patterns of doing things, there coexist in a case. In this case, this person will be in accordance with the circumstances to choose their own response patterns.