Sagittarius Horoscope - Blood Type B Personality

Type B - Sagittarius personality is "libertarian type." More than anything else hate being forced to act by the rules or constraints, fly freely pursue any life ... This is your first character. B and Sagittarius personality has a lot in common libertarian nature is one of them. Curious, for what have expressed interest, for things are not straightforward dedication of temperament, etc., are also common. No formality and habits, thoughts and things flexible ad hoc response actions, which can also be said to be a common character. Because it is the same character with together, so Type B - Sagittarius perhaps be said to be the most typical type B type B, the most typical Sagittarius in Sagittarius.

If the difference between barely mentioned, Sagittarius is more liberal than the B-type imaginative and enthusiastic, while the B-type Sagittarius importance than practical. In Type B - Sagittarius character, this complex mix some potential. Type B - Sagittarius interest is extremely broad, and think only as a knowledge and interest to learn something is not enough, or even want to look immersive. Ideal for this type of person, probably in the knowledge and experience of all the world to do it. Knowledge and experience are holding such enthusiasm.

      Ambition and desire for money, very weak society can be said to have a profound philosophical spirit of the people, it is almost never for worldly things and substances to maintain persistent situation. Own weak defensive instinct is characteristic of this type. The relationships are not built a wall to protect themselves, but also has operations in spite of the danger and the onrush of guts. For anyone open to reveal themselves, others will have honest and clear impression. Bold action, and might get a positive rating and courage; but if the opposite point of view, is too careless, lack of caution.

      The disadvantage is that there is no continuity, unable to continue the established goals, although both quick thinking and action, but easy to lose. There are excellent concentration, but no patience and perseverance. If it fails to give up in the middle of stunted, or albeit hard-earned, if tired, they lightly discarded. And four weeks of step, the first thing a person easily. Turn the quick mind, can also more easily bored and impatient but would court disaster.