Sagittarius Horoscope : Blood Type A Personality

Two qualities A Sagittarius and a mixed type, this is very difficult to understand. Sagittarius personality characteristics on that hobby too free-spirited life, in order to meet strong curiosity, even if contrary to morality and ethics do not care; moreover, quite stubborn pursuit of ideals, not never give up. The Type A personality characteristics on working with its opposite. A type of people pay attention to traditional moral and social norms, live law-abiding lives. Notwithstanding the unique ideas and lofty ideals, it will not pursue the banner name, clearly represented.

      Sagittarius constellation body belongs to the complex, has a dual character. Rational but also emotional, divine is evil, sometimes bold and sometimes seriously, sometimes imaginative and sometimes both sides tend to stiff ...... this is fairly obvious. Coupled with the unique A-type personality, constitute Type A - Sagittarius complex temperament, but if another point of view, this type of person is not quite balanced with a sense of it? Bold, trendy temperament, is flattered by others, but its bright, friendly attitude, then again quite likable. People who know him, his careless words frank, not only can understand him, but they think this is their human loveliness. But people who do not know him, often to his mouth without shelter bar, and gave birth to a heart, and vowed never to talk to these people later dealings. So this type of person is hard to find Concert ah!

      This type of person is very high ideals of knowledge and desire, in order to achieve their goals, even if Exhausted, but also think it is worth. In addition, distorted facts and evil trouble, but also very exclusive, and expect to be changed by their own strength, to reach perfection.

Sagittarius, the mind react very sensitive, rapid, rather people struggling to cope. Any contact with him over the people, can feel the sense of sharpened force, such as marksman shot to Jianban, shoop slamming, the arrow has been successful.

Sagittarius is a combination of intellectual and emotional, but Type A - Sagittarius is thinking more action on the things holding very strong desire to explore, but lack the courage to take risks. Therefore, the light has a high discourse without evidence, or can not be convincing.