Sagittarius Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

AB-type Sagittarius is "straightforward" to its characteristics. Just curious one wants to go toward gas imports; and then find a new target, and then continue to go forward, this is the type AB - Sagittarius general tendency. Under cool thinking, then decided to act, destroyed hate stagnation extension, change very quickly. Although it is straightforward type, AB type - Sagittarius but also very passionate person. Intense degree above the ordinary, do not lose the ability to fickle others. Once ignited the fire of passion, to self-control is also very difficult.

     Type AB - person shooter relatively short battle expert in agile struggle, tense moment between relaxation and immediately comes, they will not feel depressed. Can be said to be free-spirited optimism home, as AB-type temperament as reasonable, do not miss the past. So rich in mobility AB type - Sagittarius, full of wild enthusiasm taste, plus a rational philosophy spiritual support, while trial and error, while continually advance. Maybe they want to risk being "law", a lot of life experience to try empirical idealist. Easily bored, never one thing in the end of the persistent type AB - Sagittarius, although I born with momentary concentration, but the persistent but relatively weak.

     In the AB type - people born Sagittarius, failure seems to have become a wonderful flavor. Too impatient, wants to make conclusions; or lack of caution, which lead to failure, which is to pay attention to weaknesses. Proper control of his speed, everything, as the case may be, do not blindly pediment. Doing so may lead to "reckless and not calm", "frivolous mood easily bored" and evaluated. What must be seen, what wants to experience. So burning from the fight, not afraid of danger to move forward, then the weakness will become strengths, and make a difference. Can play a strong action, but occasionally fail, in the process of moving towards the ideal, since difficult to avoid frustration and failure.