Sagittarius Horoscope : Blood Type O Personality

Personality traits are: open and full of compliance. Even with people you meet for the first time, it will not face a pair of trembling, and his portrait they would get along like old friends in a short time. O type originally agile and practical action, while Sagittarius is full of mobility. For some reason, O-- Sagittarius, it becomes a decisive type. They themselves would have a very good original judgment, so the direction of their actions rarely error occurs. The most surprising is that they can quickly double or triple action than others. There are other advantages you that freedom-loving, generous and cheerful mind. They hate being bound, regardless of any dream he can travel in the sky.

Since this type of person rather focus on their own freedom, and therefore they are also highly respect each other's freedom. The best advantage is that they can put themselves in others' shoes, so this type of person rarely interfere with another example of action appear. O-- Sagittarius, whether work, pleasure, love, are likely to exhibit passionate people. They like to run out of their energy, burning up warmly, even regardless of the degree of burn is reasonable. Therefore, this type of person might be seen as someone who is frivolous.

This type of person is a fickle types, there are always like yesterday, today nasty things happen. When they are warm and they will represent the attitude of honesty and trust of others; if cold and they will pretend that one has nothing to do with attitude. This fits and starts of their personality, often perplexed by the people around.

Whether they show personality is cold, hot, they will remain simple and naive attitude. This attitude often attracts people smile, so they will always be subject to unreasonable behavior of tolerance, but not hate others. This simple character, for their extremely beneficial relationships.

However, because their minds are too pure, so the intention is not the behavior of the fierce anger will explode immediately. Since this type of person, with a sense of artistry and Sagittarius, so they feel better than the average beauty. In particular, they focus on spiritual pursuits, and pay attention to increase their inner beauty. This type of people tend to have particularly liked to explore the truth, and therefore special attention to philosophy and religion, maybe even the mysterious ability to predict the future.