Virgo Horoscope : Blood Type A Personality

Type A Virgo characteristic type of character is pure and good; timid and careful. This type of strong self-esteem, which is its most obvious feature, in addition, their powers of observation, judgment is very clear, sharply Duirenduishi always, never went through the motions. Often gives the impression that quiet and polite, was not Lee Ji Gong is good, because there is self-knowledge, just within their range of ability to do good in parts, seemed so quiet and indifferent, with quite a gentleman. Its people to do things carefully and practical, sly or starts acting strangely never have happened, was a serious, cautious perfectionist.
Type A - Virgo people because of the exigencies of things too perfect, their eyes can not tolerate a little dirty, ugly Fu thing. If someone offends his holy kingdom, will be "H" out. This does not compromise with evil personality, it is "stubborn" too cute. As the views of things too stubborn, inevitably gives unreasoning feeling. In fact, this type of person is quite compassionate. See poor people, will try to support him, love him, hoping the other side will never return. And to dislike something, it will be mercilessly criticize, so easy to mistakenly as "harsh", he does not dare get close.
This type of person with Gemini curiosity is as strong, but constructive Gemini's curiosity, and this type is destructive than constructive. In other words, Gemini as a novelty at the time of discovery, will actively seek to use it, and Virgo will negatively to resist it. In addition, people born in Virgo, like considerate own weaknesses, others to be harsh on him if the accusations or criticism, there is hysterical reactions. It can be said that one disadvantage of this type of character, right!
Generally speaking, A-type - Virgo in the "defense" aspects of capacity than the ability to "attack" aspect is strong. This ability to play out, the big countries can maintain morality and society, small can play it safe, bring your own.