Virgo Horoscope : Blood Type B Personality

B and Virgo personality, can be said to be very significant difference. Virgo personality traits are neatly and neurotic, have planned carefully, got a little older, halfway hate, lack of accommodation, such as sex .... include all these, which is almost the opposite with the B-type temperament. Type B personality is optimistic and hasty action fecund, but does not set a good program, if a control plan, you do not feel freedom.

    If so completely opposite personalities fit in a super, that is type B - Virgo. In his heart whenever there are two opposing faces, there are two different ideas fierce conflict for their own actions doubt reflect on his own situation a lot, always been troubled by the wrapped form. Two different elements of a complex tangle of type B - Virgo personality, is very complicated. When you first view, such as outspoken and optimistic person, but the heart is very careful never let Discovery. For the work, even the most subtle part is not assured; however, everyday life, unexpected lazy, do not pay attention to four weeks, or lose the East Rasi.

Attitude toward things, too, just continue to feel feelings and muffled think, and straightforward manner discouraged, sometimes positive action will depend, very prudent. Emphasis on face, honest and obedient form the habit, but the heart also have the freedom to form the intention not want to be constrained. If you look closely Type B - Virgo, perhaps aware of this dual personality tendencies. I will continue in a positive and negative nature; between optimism and pessimism, etc. two extremes, often have the time and answer ourselves.

    Another character traits, knowledge want very quickly, and enthusiastic research. There are a lot of people are reading and good learning, will not be interested in something, but did not care about other things. No favoritism, no variety of things missing are interested in what wants to learn. Learning approach is very analytical, subtle analysis of objects of interest to study carefully the small office. To grasp the whole thing slightly rough feel tricky. Feelings may be due to too tiny part of the whole idea of ​​the thing affected. With discerning eyes of the little things that lose the big picture negative point. Due to the strong influence of Virgo, many people will sharp criticism, both for the person or thing or idea, with their associated strong criticism on the play spirit. This may be their own strengths, but it is sometimes criticized as chaotic debate and fooling no results.