Virgo Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

Type AB - Virgo, can be said to a class of good criticism. After doing must first provide details of the reservation form, to be analyzed by a variety of angles to review before implementation. With excellent analytical ability, no miss subtle errors such strong critical spirit, what type AB plus Virgo, it may be some cases. More accurate, more precise in order for the purpose, will be something to grasp all the details exactly right, again and again and again to critical analysis. I want to have a strong desire for knowledge Virgo thinking, coupled with rationalism AB type judgment, such a perfect combination of staggering.

    So-so or circumstances quitter is the most intractable sense, then subtle little things, AB type - Virgin still mindful observation, to be to the conclusion, first all data gathered to say, if a little is missing, they will uneasy to maintain a certain distance to observe things, then things become clear on the soap white, have spent the next effort is neatly character. Because inaccurate information or due to inadequate preparation, and examples of misguided, can be said to be almost none. Estimation error due to Waterloo, or makes a mistake caused by stupid indignity so few such cases are equal to zero.

Type AB - Virgo, if there does not have excellent analytical skills, and often as undisciplined as the words, it must be mischievous fate, or God suddenly lose it principle, the addition no other. Type AB - Virgo nerve structure, as the board as a whole and then arranged, of course, they are suitable for practical handling, the ability to deal with reality is also superior.

    However, such a high standard mode of action, they have to look at the situation, but sometimes gives the impression of old-fashioned four corners Octagon. Too extreme and become neurotic, or there is the appearance of cold, indifferent attitude, not to delight the crowd. Loving critique of personality, if the direction of the development of the poor, said the only reason for the possible evolution of the die-hard, even scandalous things happen. Deal with the reality of attitude contrary, they have girl-style fairy tale dream, this is type AB - Virgo unique aptitude. In private life, people who play this concept, unexpected and more. Neat and full of decorative furniture, color gorgeous room, so as to go beyond the analysis in the field of criticism, and into the fairy tale world of fun.