Leo Horoscope : Blood Type O Personality

The most outstanding feature of this type of person , that is, with strong mobility. If you encounter obstacles , it will not stay in place thinking or remorse , change direction immediately , the pursuit of a new world. Since this type of person heart full of vitality, while the action still did not forget to do some publicity for themselves . This proud attitude , manifested in action, maybe it will be around people disgust.

Fortunately, the O -type temperament can subtly control Leo this proud look. Generous heart , sloppy , which is type O - Leo greatest charm. They did not care about the underlying failure and subtly urge men to do introspection ; If depressed people around , they used bright personality born happy to accommodate each other. This is exactly as a leader should mind and tolerance , so the O -type - Leo great popularity .

In good faith , when they said , would effectively force the other side to accept with attitude. But their starting point was originally filled with good intentions , so they kind of attitude with a compulsion , it is easy to ignore each other . This is the type O - Leo another charm. Just as the sunflower is toward the sun , O- - Leo people are holding heart whenever it up . This upward hearts, so that they tend to make the body's effort to make uphill climb . But with the rise of social status , it is easy to become arrogant heart , pride , and even have become dictatorial situation. They put the world as their own one big stage , the unauthorized play a one-man show , which no one else of their actions , often makes people around dissatisfaction.

Leo , regardless of when life drama have thought that they could not endure the most gloomy and full of action hesitated life. With their point of view, if not satisfy the vanity of self-esteem , living there is no what that means. Leo temperament can be said that the flame type , and type O positive action of his is like adding fuel to fire , O- this combination under - Leo has a " fire and water without any hesitation ," courage.

So they often have Road see injustice his help in the action, which is a characteristic of Leo on the O- plus . To this type of person attracted to you , others must themselves be quite complex changes , because this type of person will instantly give up already familiar objects , turning more challenging target . This is because type O - Leo , inner pride does not allow them to do the same thing over again .