Leo Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

In a nutshell , AB type - Leo was " awesome characterization ." To do anything with a very awkward whenever actions are fair and square , which is type AB - Leo mode of action . Energetic, impulsive action force , no force can about mental strength - a nutshell , is the " majestic " great characterization . Although the unique majesty , but not less foolish behavior , such as high voltage is applied to others , to lord it over the abuses and so on. With people 's attitude is mild and smiles , can be said to be naive and cheerful ; in a harmonious atmosphere , moderately play their charm.

     Among the crowd , AB type - Leo is gorgeous presence stand out is the society 's elite , champion , with its generous generous temperament , combined with naturally easy to join in the applause of many . Wait words , high prestige Long , friendly attitude and thoughtful care for people so different from the average person's ability . AB -type group Entrusted by the people can not refuse , the typical kind-hearted people play pretty well , there exists Leo eminence . However , when people ignore his spirit of service, will immediately changed their attitude and gas grinning . AB type most adept scoffers language then emerged, although seeks calm on the surface , but inside played a great mood changes.

     Type AB - Leo , self- published a strong desire , strong self-esteem are , but also on the ordinary people . Like attracts attention of men, who praised the desire of people in this category is quite intense. So, too show off skills to please the audience , and often lead to others at a distance, but sometimes this purpose alone. Yes, no matter how deep the heart suppressed , in public places , they will not expose their anger . Reasonable doctrine for the purpose of AB -type qualities, with people arguing for and positive conflict with ingenious escape ability. In private, the wrong decision and unjustifiable thing, often thought stubbornly implement , opinions of others also turned a deaf ear to play capricious tyrant egocentrism either. Proved to be calm and rational " majesty " of the type AB - Leo, there is no lighting in the background , often missing the activity and not the duty , therefore , their loneliness more times in others .