Leo Horoscope : Blood Type B Personality

Your character can be said to be " self Unfolding type", almost no cache of the mind. Warm personality , feelings of great amplitude , nature is very intense, and put out his performance so exhaustive , people have this feeling. Leo 's self- display strong desire , there is a dramatic exaggeration luxury like tendencies. Hate to spend the kind of mundane desire in life, but also not to have such a bold action ending .

Type B - Leo 's character or action, strong and full of personality. Zen thinking and there is a large-scale action adventure full of gorgeous star , etc. , perhaps say your first feature . B -type reputation and authority for quite persistent, but the opposite Leo attention to these , lust for power , fame heart strong , quite a careerist . B type people sometimes appear ambitious side. Therefore , B -type - with Leo , may wish to become useful ideas to get ahead of the people .

Interested wide and various tendencies, but also due to the influence of Leo , relatively weakened , in order to achieve the ambitious goals shrink into one. If you understand the decision of the target , as the general advance into the locomotive , even if the difficulties encountered are also not timid . Vitality , Annotations force is also very short-tailed bird , even if it has failed to stand up again toughness . However, this type of person to his efforts seemed intractable diligently simple , it is apparent seems lacks patience.

Type B - Leo people are liking what luxury is aspiring to succeed, regardless of when the results are brilliant first thought it rather than the cumulative effort . Set of large-scale meter tube when the results are brilliant first thought it rather than the cumulative effort . Set a massive program , not only in order , but also driven by political forces to fully one stroke . Slightly gambling division of nature , sometimes doing the challenge fatalistic bet .

There is also a warm charismatic person , measure , and have the courage not to trifle angry. Words and attitudes , regardless of inside and outside , forthright express themselves. Want to be king of the children , just think he has a stubborn side, but found that he was lonely , and if a single person , it caught the mood was like a companion excluded . The leader of the people will take care of temperament , always felt wandering the childlike innocence. But the kind of boyish appearance, may also become wayward egotism , such as ring true meaning, as spoiled as a child , ignoring the surroundings , many will put capricious and without attitude.