Leo Horoscope : Blood Type A Personality

Type A - Leo , negative and positive , negative and enthusiasm often mixed together , is a very wonderful personality. He sometimes appears innocent Leo temperament , sometimes revealing A shy introverted type , I can not coherent feel. But most Type A - Leo , Leo, his lively temperament , often better than the type A quiet temperament , especially those famous people in the community , Leo features, better than A type is characterized by the strong .

    Leo is a symbol of self-confidence and arrogance . You love honor and glory , everything self-centered , treading in someone else's body, to satisfy their vanity superior , shape rather " King of the Wind" , there are leaders or commanders eminence. In this case, a child has already revealed. Although you do not have any place in the Superman schoolwork , but often in a variety of extracurricular activities , the limelight , the teacher , the parents' appreciation and admiration for her friends . This feature , in the future growth and still enduring . Leo , always superior , always the Majesty .

     Leo generous heart , this is your advantage ; But the disadvantage is about people who are vulnerable to incitement and temptation. This weakness , coupled by a strong type A tendency to self-protection , A-type - Leo may become brutal dictator. Attitude to the jungle , unable to resist a good and bullying , just to satisfy their own selfish desires . Although the original appearance , not so hateful , then vulnerable to flatterers incite weaknesses , but it became a weapon Collateral others , without knowing it.

    A type and Leo both qualities are strong people , one is able to complete a grand career ; an order of society and to respect the traditional ethics , the crowd respected and supported by the successful completion of a lifetime event. No matter how , A-type - Leo , always the focus of all attention , its achievements in the community to support his theory the amount to be. In order to get more people's achievement recognition and support , ready to accept the words of remonstrance Zheng , and away from the villain , which is the most important.