Cancer Horoscope : Blood Type O Personality

O type - characterized Cancer of character is: " self-defense type ." Such people protect their conscious, want to protect the family and relatives of awareness is also very strong . This sense of self- defense , it is becoming the norm of their actions . They usually show a mild and passive attitude , however, encounter problems whenever they show intense personality of self-defense . And have a strong compassion , sensitivity particularly sensitive , with the instinct to distinguish enemies or partners , which is type O - Cancer characteristics.

This type of person you can be said to love life type of character . You definitely will not make the idea and detached from real life , despite your sensibility is very rich, but not relegated to vague idealism. People, values ​​and norms of this type is consistent. They are quite adaptable in real life , if real life has not changed , and he will not take the initiative to want to change the status quo. In short , O- - Cancer will never produce due to environmental changes, and confusion .

O type - Cancer people are accustomed to comply with the concept of the secular and traditional lifestyle ; This is certainly a conservative way of life. Although you are so conservative lifestyle , reality has no usefulness for the habit , or will deny its existence. Based on this concept , O- - Cancer man, always will continually discarded lives of many " worthless " habits ; such habit is the reality has no use behavior.

They often change their way of life, and adapt to the new trend of the times . Generally, this type of person , attitudes and values ​​of real life things are quite conservative . Even if there are some ideas to change, they are still not on the cutting edge of the trend . This type of person is very strong regional consciousness , others hate to break into their own areas of life , subconsciously own sphere of life , set aside a certain sphere of influence , and that they are the masters in this sphere . O type - Cancer people , for their own sphere of influence rather take care of relatives and friends ; But for people outside the field , the cold side of the show , too mean to pay their own feelings.