Cancer Horoscope : Blood Type AB Personality

Your so-called " Big Brother Big Sister type ." Cancer keen sensitivity to the unique , quickly grasp the psychological others, play the role of conduit between people , Yin advised to move around. If AB type - Cancer is so polite and good go-between capability, can be considered a first-class supporting cast . Not only a matter for the trustee never denied, even if they do not appreciate, but also smiling face treatment. Dispute may encounter situations beforehand verdict dodge , and people will not have trouble fighting the conflict. Not factious , regardless of any circumstances , stand neutral party . Although the Big Brother Big Sister type , it is not nosy type. Human relationships are transactional exchanges, simply to maintain a consistent bright type AB .

Thoughtful exchanges , care, and care for others is not just that they love . But this type of unique defensive instincts , they have to defend themselves , love feathers and prevent infringement of their privacy . Cancer is the twelve constellations , one of the strongest defensive instincts , and type AB is the most attention to the privacy of his own private life , and therefore visible type AB - the general tendency Cancer . To protect yourself and your family , even through fire and water , they are the same expense. Some people get too involved a private matter , they immediately upset them . One also has to maintain privacy while revealing too careful individualistic tendencies.

    Defense beyond wonderful intimacy, or bold and presumptuous to enter the heart , etc., then , AB type - Cancer keen to get tense nerves . Dressed in the cloak of rationality , they remain warm smile , but heart shaken, it may take some time to heal. Especially when emotions are violated or hurt , too long will be forgotten . In mind, they want to sensibly figured , however, the belly was a long time unable to quell anger . Repeatedly mocked each other in words , it is likely to occur quirks , and they can not be made .

Zhaxianzhixia , you might mistakenly think he is rational faction, in fact , the essence of his feelings in a more rational dominant. The real situation is that in public places with "rational" popping up, a home, are all psychological barrier removal , and blatantly reveal the feelings of vulnerability . With solid walls rational firmly blocked off feelings of the rich themselves, which is type AB - basic mode of action of Cancer .