Cancer Horoscope : Blood Type B Personality

Your character image , perhaps said to be " simple human type", put the civilian faction hate attitude of noble appearance . Direct imports fast heart when exchanges of people around like a slightly officious care , although hard to speak , but soft-hearted, compassionate thick , not silently watch other people's misfortune. The students are generally admire you , it can be said with typical earthy flavor. Want with colleagues companions , each clutched hand , the idea of ​​mutual aid to survive a strong third , if the judge is a person who can promise Hearts , just as family-like care , and he is truly revealed , requiring seamless intimate relationships , and sometimes even to be troublesome depending on the point . Definitely will not be lonely wolf , but with the mind communicates with peers over obstacles of this world .

    From the opposite point of view , B -type - Cancer companions for people outside very careful not easy to carry out mind. Almost all of the difference between intuition is the tendency of the Friends of the enemy , if that is the enemy, suddenly closed the gate. Both fully human side, and on the other side allowed people close . This is very similar to the small areas were good neighbors , and from each other's treasure , but the outside but a man indifferent to cope.

    Type B - Cancer has a motherly personality , has wanted to hold warm tolerant family , want to protect the people 's love defensive instincts , regardless of what is acceptable to all sensibility. What can adapt to the environment , like the birth mother of the child's strong .... can be said to have a very maternal person. To protect themselves and their companions when strong defensive instincts appear in compassion and love to take care of people inside, the potential of a kind of maternal love for others . To help people who have difficulty when , for example, will notice other health conditions , such as mother -like delicate care.

    Type B - Cancer, to seize all things sensual to the contrary , it is far from rational, and therefore not very neat things progress , there are two completely mixed with the positive and negative points . On two completely different views , also were understanding , favor , often Dunong confusion. Type B - Cancer people , more than anything else emphasis on the reality of life , compared to abstract thought and religion , it is the importance of living a thoroughly practical realists , whether that being what the situation, there are strong survival vitality.