Cancer Horoscope : Blood Type A Personality

A model 's features is that abide by laws and social importance of knowledge of life , living life Anfen down to earth , which was originally Cancer personality is the same. We look at Cancer original character. Cancer born people , if you want to discard his old stuff , re- coin a new thing , he would rather some old stuff reform , continue to use. In other words , these people are quite conservative , nostalgic , you want to change his original way of life , is unlikely . Such a personality, so the state and the society , always loyal , committed to change, the family is also dedicated, to death already .

In patriotism, love of family , love of friends , and not a one constellation Cancer than people behave more intense , so , therefore, this constellation of people showing favoritism friends easily and selfish nature. In addition to this weakness must LRC . This character most of the Japanese character, as long as we turn the pages of history, they know or recall off the Japanese , you can find evidence. In emotional terms , very rich and sensitive side of the lake as long as one tiny piece of catapults that can arouse layers of ripples , undulator endless.

This type of person emotionally unstable , there is moody phenomenon. In the usual attitude is extremely mild , and music to help others, is good in our hearts . Just can control their emotions and not be influenced by the mood is good or bad , will be able to become a popular figure. This type of human emotion is more important than rational, emotional decisions often when things premise , so the judge is biased, if once the leader's shoulder position, I am afraid there is dereliction of duty in danger ! Another feature is the motherly love. This type of person , whether male or female, has a delicate feelings , like motherhood like love, good care for their families . However , their deep love , hate people deep. This is also one of its characteristics. A type - Cancer men , mostly have feminine tendencies. Compassion for the weak , but excluded strong, with Buddha -like mind. But this "soft love" was over with , then I who nauseating feeling when moderation is yes.