Tiger Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Tiger Zodiac Blood Type "AB"Characteristics

They are very good interpersonal relationships with others, they love peace and do not love conflict. As such, they do not like quarrels. They are more introvert and at the same time very gracious and charismatic.
They are good at expressing their opinions when appropriate, as such people like them. They do not like people to procrastinate , they like people who are frank in communication between people. Such people have wisdom. AB Blood Tiger men loves to watch the soccer game.

Many of them have relatively high IQ, responsive and lively personality. Some of them have reticent humor. They are romantic and tenderness but also playful. They have the courage to do things that they want but not recklessly. They are good at handling people in-groups relationships by having  have their own circle of friends and do not like the new members in their team as they can only accept people whom they like.