Tiger Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Tiger Zodiac "B" Blood Type Characteristics

The characteristics of a B blood type tigers is that they are very open minded and passionate. At the same time, they are bold yet sensible. If they think that they are right about certain things, they will go ahead and proceed with their action. In other people's opinion, they felt that they are very charismatic and bold and often win the respect of others. They are very faithful to their friend and is a passionate lover to their love ones. If there is an unfair situation, they will always come forward and to help them. B Blood Type Tiger have hot temper, sometimes cantankerous, after sometime they will just forget and will not bear hatred. B blood type Tiger people get more passionate when they are close to a competition or test. They are not afraid to show people their feelings. While some of them are sloppy and reckless, their strength outweigh their weakness.

When they are a child or even at their adulthood, they will give people the impression of being a "gentle". They will learn and work hard so that they are admitted to the school that they want so that in the future they will get the "right" job for themselves. Often they are dissatisfied with the situation, but they are unable to find ways to improve. As they cannot tolerate such matters, they will often have the idea of rebellion. They will think about it in their mind but will not take action. They are often loners, occasionally go out with friends but not too often