Tiger Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Tiger Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics

O Blood Type Tiger are born with leadership qualities. They like people around them to be allegiance to them. They will give generously when a friend need help but if only they have benefit from them previously. They are power-driven and is intolerant that they are worst off than others and will wait patiently for opportunities.They will concentrate to accomplish one task given to them and at the same time show their competent. They do not like the petty calculations and hate those people who are quiet but make a fuss over small matters. O Blood Type Tiger men loves to pursuit beauty ladies. In the beginning, they will test in a tentative way whether the lady is interested in them, they will be very frustrated when they face rejection.

Some of the O Blood Type Tiger have strong vengeance and will find a reason to justify their action. They are careful thinkers, crude and refined, relatively loyal towards love. Such people yearn for freedom and open life and can accept the gap between ideal and reality and are down to earth. They can accept recommendations from superiors and colleagues at work and are willing to cooperate Their rationale is very realistic. Such people are more honest, if there are unhappy over relationships, they will focus on work or hobbies. In addition, their temper are terrible if there is any outbreak.