Rooster Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Rooster Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics

Because of the inherent advantages of the AB type of wisdom, how they overcame a chicken man fantasy, vanity, conservative, stubborn, shortcomings love now, and will play the advantages of moderate to good. These people are very elegant, witty gestures see exudes temperament. Men very gentlemanly, mild temperaments, deal with feelings very loyal, is the ideal partner. In fact, this is entirely because of their wisdom clearly discern the nature of many things in life, but rather the foresight of these can very well mastery in daily interactions, so they are very popular, is that the eyes of the masses ,"Pick anything wrong" people. They are very talented, very easy to be accepted to speak, most people in a very short time to play out, so acclaimed.
They are lively and agile, good conversation, love and friends to interact and communicate, there is a certain organizational capacity. Very often in need passion, love performance. They are verbal sloppy person, very good sense of humor, but because of objective and dispassionate mind is still not too offend people. Because they have very Dezhuan on interpersonal side, emotional excitement when it amusing people. ,They are cordial and kind, generous, cheerful, dare say, for the unfair things never sit still. Most of them highly intelligent, fast response, act smart, good grades, no fee too much time. They pre-empt everything, always wanted to compare something to compete, won a number of honors, honorary thing for quite care. In addition, they work influenced by emotional factors, but the "down" too quickly.