Rooster Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Rooster Zodiac "B" Blood Type Characteristics

The optimism of these people has a more dominant B blood type personality qualities and Rooster, frank, positive, kind, resolute, brave, hardworking characteristics, is all a chicken who most distinctive character, the most representative. They always walk in the forefront of the trend, it is full of energy, extraordinary style. Aggressive personality they open up the courage record straight, most of them gives a warm, flexible impression. When dealing with things simply, decisively, born with a warm-hearted, there chivalrous heart.
They speak of doing things warm and generous relaxed, harmony machine becomes not contrived. Although they often love to express themselves, but most of the time is based on strength. Such people versatile, able to master at least a majority of arts or sports talent, a lot of people received the award. They attach great importance to the honor, but also a strong vanity, like compelling. ,But the Roosters were good battles, love quarrel, which makes the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, but they do not hold a grudge, things will vanish over. Open in love bold women, men temperament, but in the time of need will become a good girl or a little sweetheart, emotions are written on his face.

Although they are not active, but also longing for honor and leadership. They are powerful, but the lack of courage, some relax, a little indecisive. Their inner contradictions very strong, emotional ups and downs are great. In addition, these people have a strong case of chicken critical consciousness and innovative spirit, but due to the lack of mobility multi-plus fantasy composition also need to hone in reality. Hidden qualities Rooster people to pay attention, pay attention to the proper expression with people from a lot of real life lessons.
In fact, many of their prescient insights and philosophical implication is that many other people can suddenly realized afterwards, simply because they lack the necessary interpersonal and advocates before the market did not get widespread acceptance and implementation. Their enemies and friends are very bright, like the people there for almost blindly in thrall, and for people who do not like it frosty. But in love there, but they are loyal and straightforward, if not glowing, but also elated.Their imagination is very rich, but there are many to be unrealistic.