Rooster Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Rooster Horoscope "O" Blood Type Characteristics

These people have a more dominant qualities and almost all of the character traits Rooster O blood type, especially advantages. Of particular note is that in all the Rooster people, only the dominant O-Rooster Rooster people will include the most comprehensive advantages, so they are chicken blood relative who lives in a very beautiful landscape. ,Most importantly, the quality of most of the advantages of a dominant O blood type and personality traits Rooster combined makes this task a strong chance of people appear quite high, the highest of all the people of the Rooster. O-type innate advantage in temperament and character Rooster dressed like decorative elements combined make this very insightful person on wearing, look dignified, noble, lordly and very stylish. ,At the same time, they are able to actively explore boldly ahead, thus becoming strong career. Most of these people are affected by the collective support of the leaders. They rushed in front of every field, outstanding performance. ,In reality, they are more mobile force, but also calmly deal with various matters smoothly and is strong on practical matters and relationships.

They never say, but do not like to let yourself become too introverted person. Such people seem to be especially conscious of their performance, often in someone else to be seen and to be recognized when rushed out to compete and repression. Even if not so interested, but also make people feel uncomfortable. They are very realistic, very sympathetic, but the strength and talents are hard to break their own limitations only. Their hearts are very traditional, conservative and stubborn, absolutely not easily compromise in relationships with people with difficult integration side. But in a calm and objective, that does not cause too much conflict. Such people worship anomaly authority, and often establish authority, vanity and self-confidence are strong, but due to the relatively poor so are not advocating fantasy realized. Moreover, they are not smooth, easy to offend people talk of doing things.