Rat Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Characteristic of "B" Blood Type
"B" Blood Type are warm and open. They have good pioneering spirit, resourcefulness but eager. It is easy for them to get carried away and they like to listen to flattery. As a result, they This look a bit childish. 

Rat Zodiac "B" Blood-Type Characteristics
They love to inquire about the news and sometimes nagging. But they are very visionary and also filled with a lot of feelings. They are elegant and will choose clothing according to their own conditions when it will be a choice of fashion. They can be fearless and  appropriately express their views out. Such people love stopping by and compares love. Also, they loves to access to resources from the information collected and to develop their own plans. They sympathetic and will help others in whatever circumstances. They love to be romantic, beautiful language often make each other happy.

They can be very stubborn and very simple. They can save money and live a budget life. They are cherish friendship, work is also very happy, the key moment will be tough. When they quarrel with wife, they will suddenly become irritable. They should calm down and talk calmly. They are conformist, and very traditional. Their weakness is sometimes they are more naive and gullible.