Rat Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Characteristic of Blood Type "AB"
"AB" blood type is the rarest blood. It only consist of 6% of the whole population. These people have the characteristic and personality of "A" blood type and "B" blood type. Not only this, they will disguise their feelings and people will find it difficult to understand them.

Rat Zodiac Blood Type "AB" Characteristics
They are capable of getting the love of their love ones even though they do not express their feelings easily.  In addition, they have always been so temperament, gestures reveals a certain elegance, courtesy and grace. They always consider everything very comprehensive, forward and attack, retreat and defend and are not desperate. They will consider a variety of factors and is suitable to be auxiliary personnel. Some of them are dependent, but dependent on each other will be given when appropriate reward, and thus will  friendship.

Such people are very concerned about their families and more stingy to outsiders. They are easy to get along with and they are always rather happy. They like people to be more generous but do not like people very stingy. Also, they are good at studies, socializing but when it comes to their love life, they are not so concerned. To them, they prefer to be loved rather than love people and would not to spend too much effort to make themselves tired. Such people are sometimes very relaxed but sometimes depressed because of some small matters.