Rat Horoscope Blood Type "A"

Characteristic of "A" Blood-Type
People with A blood-type are rational, keep to promises, down to earth, serious ,weak-minded, conservative thinking and introvert.

Rat Zodiac "A" Blood-Type Characteristics
These people prefer to be with clique friends. They love the style and do not like to show off. When something is not right, they are wise to just leave. They are diligent in thinking, strong resourcefulness, many friends, well informed and will be the first step to get things done to prepare for opponents. They are generous in the crowd, not picky. Such people are more industrious and are relatively competent.
Before they complete anything, they would have a good escape route if anything were to go wrong. Such people are highly confidential, do not like to expose their feelings and are always so subtle. They have a tendency anxious expression and to grab the opportunity to express their opinions and will say stop. They are flexible and rigorous in thinking and they like to be abused and can always find omissions of others. They will be a good supervisory personnel.