Dragon Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Dragon Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics

They are born with skills to deal with interpersonal relationships. Most of them are popular and smart. While they are young, they have good grades. They are playful and loves to hands on technical things. For men regardless of appearance, they are temperament and is very easy to attract the attention of the opposite sex, blossom luck is strong. For women, they will try their best to earn alot of money and spend on themselves. They dislikes people who are arrogant. When they are young, they loves to play games and go for an adventure trip. For love, once they found the right one they will want to settle down. 

They are active in social activities and are inherently social talents. They do not like to complicate matters and are symapthetic and compassionate towards the weak. They have a strong competitive ability and their cognitive skills is quite high. Overall, they are an important figure who can oversee the situation. They are people who rely on their intelligence to outsmart everything. They hate to overwhelm people practice and they are flexible as they will change tgeir attitude according to the situation. They are willing to share their experience and skills that they learn and will teach their friends with similar interests and not asking for anything in return. In short, almost all dragon people have more or less "generous" characteristics.