Dragon Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Dragon Zodiac "B" Blood Type Characteristics

B Blood Type dragon have the ability to survive in harsh environment due to their strong character. Most of them can easily mingle with people. Their character is very dynamic, strong operational capacity and their coordination is also very good. They are happy, do not fear of failure, setbacks will not stop them from accomplishing their goals. They want to accomplish great things one day. Generally, they will never shirk responsibility and will find ways to do things more efficiently. They are often resolutely and aggressively in developing their own career, opinionated, diplomacy is also very strong. In addition, the nature of their sleek style and generosity are leadership qualities.

B Blood Type Dragon are more perceptual, artistic temperament. They are not good at expressing themselves and like the safe way of doing things. They tend to judge and analyze things with self-perception based on their experience. Men tend to be prima aloof, arrogant paternalistic figure and strict. Women is able to hurt the people's feeling around them even without talking. Although they cannot change their own personality but most of them are actually kind hearted and benevolent people.