Dragon Horoscope Blood Type "A"

Dragon Zodiac "A" Blood Type Characteristics

A Blood Dragon are people who looks at things at big picture. They do not care about small little things. They are extrovert, cheerful, very straightforward and will not keep their unpleasant thoughts in mind. These people are generally healthy, energetic, whether at work or home are competent, men in business very responsible, very perseverance and will go accordance to their new year resolution. Women are also very capable as they are very graceful, enthusiastic and positive, and very brave.They will actively participate in group activities and efforts to alleviate their own status but some were not strict enough and a lack of depth.

A Blood Type Dragon are good at grasping concept and their vision is very unique.They are generally rational and calm, dignified deportment, not easily express their opinions, patient, acceptive and inclusive attitude towards the elderly people around and has the ability to accumulate contacts. They will follow a logical order to get things done but sometimes they lack of flexibility.Such people are more objective, they will respect the facts. But their action might not show that they have overcome the reality. Some of them have strong enthusiasm and motivation. In addition, they have a strong sense of family responsibility.