Rabbit Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Rabbit Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics

They are smart and romantic but also have utilitarian values. Such people are good at planning and likes to do things according to plan. They are very cohesive and are able to unite the majority of people to support them. They are talented people with a strong ability to distinguish facts and are very determined people. Their behaviour towards those whom they like or dislike are very obvious. Their frank personality can sometimes offend people. Everything they do, they have done their own calculations and on the surface, they are known as cheerful and credible.

These people generally seem more honest, but in actual fact they are a scheming lot. They are quick thinking, rhythmic and are susceptibility strong. Very gentle on the surface, but it actually has a very intense inner conflict. They like to express to others with gentle saracsm and like to make some small trick to deal with people that they do not like. Such people always have an unpredictable temperament of people, but in fact, sometimes self-indulgence and cycnical. They have potential for development, but it depends on whether they use their intelligence on the right thing.