Dragon Horoscope Blood Type "O"


Dragon Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics

O Blood Type Dragon have good temperament. They look very dignified, very tolerance and are optisimistic. They will never let any matters upset them. They have a strong sense of responsibility, their thoughts are meticulous and careful in work. They are strong-willed and will not easily give up. They have a sense of obligation to their friends and like teamwork and become leaders. They are full of vigor and vitality, a powerful force, not easily succumb to the status quo. Such a person is very independent and decisive. They are able to put things into place and focus on their career.

Such people have a mystical attraction but in fact they are very pragmatic person. They will not easily fall into "nothingness". Sometimes, they will self-proclaimed to bring out the active atmosphere of friendship and contacts. Even in situation when there is a trauma, they will not want to get hurt. Their optismistic nature will bring them out of unhappiness very quickly. Overall, they are smart, generous and kind and will always remember people who help them when in need.