2014 Sheep Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Sheep : 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

Goat's friends are expected to have a good harvest. Working people are expected to make a fortune, students can improve exam results. Not only that, you will have a prophetic inspiration, make forward-looking decisions at critical moments. With the excellent condition, sheep friends need to be cherish this year, do not let the luck slip away. This year, everything would be smooth sailing, even when looking for a job is easy. Sheep friends only need to pay attention to physical fitness.

Career Luck
This year, Goat's friend will have problem with cooperation. Goat's friend should independently look for a job or any of job agencies to start work. Where it is related to the cooperation agreement, it should always be stated in black and white and must never be on verbal covenant. You need to be vary of zodiac villain. For working class people, those we are engaged in chemical, petroleum, logistics and field service will experience difficulty in the process and smoothly sailing afterwards. So this year if you plan a career, you would need to have a certain mobility in order to taste the fruits of victory.

Wealth Luck
Goat's friend will obtain a positive wealth luck for both mainstream income and windfall luck. For investment luck position is in north, the south, south-east direction. Push your wealth luck to the next level by placing a lucky bucket at those direction.

Relationship Luck
Wealth luck is good and it will continue to protect the family fortune,and the line is shipped. Married people should be more careful on management of marital relations. At home, you can improve your home feng shui by placing Dragon cup purple Star at the north direction of your home. Alternatively, you can sunflowers at north direction to secure the family fortune; or ask to complement longevity, fortune fortune and to promote marital harmony.

Health Luck
Goat's friends very seriously and hard work and achievements career but often ignore the body care, leading to overwork. Minor illnesses should not be ignored. Pay special attention to the mother's blood pressure, problems sciatic aspect or worse stroke. Alzheimer aspects appear.

Lucky number: 1237

Lucky Jewelry: Water glass fortune pig