2014 Horse Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Horse: 1954, 1966,1978, 1990, 2002, 2014
This year, horse's friend is in conflict with the Grand Duke. There is a feeling of desperation than before.This sense of helplessness will interfere with everyday life and judgment. You will fail it difficult to cope with work. Be careful of being framed by villian, leading to failure of cooperation and mood swings. Life is always a mixed of blessing, be optimistic and good fortune will naturally follow. If there is any spare cash, you may purchase ornaments, gold. 

Career Luck
This year, horse's friends career and academic are full of ups and downs. You will be easily pessimistic and into a passive and doing a job well will be hard. The intensity of the emotional impact of decisions and acting work, so you often make mistakes and get into trouble. This year's focus for your career is to when necessary, try to be reserve and avoid trouble. Students who are studying for exam, place a Wen Chang keychain or pencil case to avoid major mistakes in examination digressions.

Wealth Luck
This year's, horse friends are weak in gambling luck so it is best to avoid gambling and speculation at all cost. It is recommended to place black jade gourd at south east direction of your home, dragon-type glass pyramid or scriptures to remedy the risk of lawsuits and financial loss. If the workplace door is at Bi-directional, beware of villain on the side.

Relationship Luck
Marriage is between men and wife. This year, try to control your emotions, and more inclusive and beware of interference from extramarital affair. It is desirable if pregnancy occurs in December which helps to reverse emotional difficulties and enhance family fortune.

Your health
As Horse friends are in conflict with the Grand Duke this year, pay attention to the elderly/parents' health problems. This year, horse friends will have accident relating to heart, eye, etc. and must be vigilant especially when hiking, close to nature. Meditation, going vegan helps to enhance horse friend personal fortune.

Lucky number: 1608

Lucky Jewelry: Big Pineapple