2014 Monkey Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Monkey: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

This year, Monkey's friend will behave very emotional and feels that they are not understood. Overall, Monkey friend whole fortune is not ideal. In general, female monkey friends is better than male counterpart. Male monkey friends luck is halved. You must beware of betrayal on cooperation and make sure that everything is in order to prevent villains from getting their way at the expense or you. You also need to strengthen exchanges with family and co-workers, so as to prevent yourself from facing a solitary helpless situation.

Career Luck
This year, monkey friends need to keep a low profile at work and overcome your ego in order to achieve success in your career. When your boss delegate work to you, you should think about their own position overall, while communication with the supervisor to reflect on whether any problems will arise. During work, you should not be too obsessed with your own self-judgment as it would turn out adversely. In order to prevent excessive stubbornness, it is advisable to stop all the power struggle in order to get people help from others.

Wealth Luck
This year, the general wealth of monkey friend who are businessman needs to be careful when signing contract. Monkey friend need to understand each clause of the contract to prevent from being deceived or loss out due to an erroneous contract. This year investment is not ideal so you should not be too aggressive and  everything should be within your own capabilities. During leisure time, you need to communicate with your family because your family members will be in some financial problem which needs your help on advices, so without doing so will cause even more financial losses.

Relationship Luck
Unmarried women is expected to be emotional this year. Envying couples with relationship. You shouldn't expect a perfect partner. Sometimes the right one is just near you. By being realistic, you will find your true love. This year, the sun and moon is in the Palace meaning married couples are at disadvantage. Therefore, pay special attention to maintain your relationship and support your partners. For couples with children, please light lotus beacon to help  harmonious family fortune; or Mahasthamaprapta as Dharma, reversing doom.

Health Luck
Square face and a round face friends need to pay attention to their health. I'm afraid there's Xiongsha sign, indicating surgery risk. Doors open in the northeast, northwest and southeast, beware every family disaster, as far as possible to rationalize feng shui. Medicine Buddha or recommendations for helping the fight to ward off life extension, purification horoscopes or reducing disaster.

Lucky number: 8328

Lucky Jewelry: Blessing in front