2014 Rooster Horoscope

 Those born in the Year of Rooster: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

Rooster friends are ambitious this year and are actively striving to achieve their goals. This year, Rooster friends can give all their best in everything that they do, and you will be rewarded. At work, rooster friends often exhibit adequate initiative so this year there are many opportunities to display your talent. This year, Rooster friends are good at winning the hearts of people and if you are a salesman, your sales will surge. At home, place a Dragon blessing to boost your family luck. In addition, you may use the help of celebrities to promote your business! 

Career Luck
This year, the career luck for rooster friends is quite good. If you facilitate people at work, or pay for an occasion, you will get good achievements. Those in the line of agency or consultancy will do great this year. Those in the line or wine or beverage are bound to make money. Conversely, production, engineering, decoration, catering areas of work are not good. There are fear of decline in consumption and increase in labour cost. Thus, losing money. Job seekers are expected to succeed. You can seek the help from zodiac dragon, snake, goat who can help you to achieve towards your goal.

Wealth Luck
There is always power struggle in workplace and it is always inevitable. As long as you are capable, you should not fear as there are always emerging opportunities. This year is a conducive year for sales personnel to break through their performance. You will need to innovate on packaging techniques and publicity. If you can improve your performance in the spring, then before the year end there will be benefactor assisting you. You should cherish this opportunity.

Relationship Luck
This year, your partner will lend you a helping hand. You should listen to each other's views. Attached friends who are in love might have a third party intervening your relationship, trying to cause a breakup. You may consult a friend to give you an advice.

Health Luck
You need to take note of blood sugar, diabetes, endocrine and gastrointestinal discomfort friends this year. Rooster friend need to pay attention to their health, serious surgery surgery, fuller body to prevent people, especially high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and other problems. If you plan to move house within a year or renovation, pay attention to Feng Shui as it is conducive to the fortune of Rooster friends.

Lucky number: 5890

Lucky Jewelry: One hundred blessings