2014 Tiger Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Tiger : 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

General Forecast for Zodiac Tiger
This year, Tiger Zodiac friends have good wealth luck but suffers from illness. Tiger Zodiac friends will have excellent family relationship but in work there is always problems arising. What a pity! Therefore, it is wise to be careful especially this year. For entrepreneur, they must know how to keep trade secrets. There are villains who will harm you as your benefactor luck is bad. Tiger friends should always keep in mind that they should do more volunteer and charity, donate to Buddha and be rational and open-minded to look at the challenges and turn in life.

Career Luck
This year, Tiger friends have good investment luck. Tiger friends should grasp the opportunities. Beware of evil villain mischief especially Zodiac horse, pig, tiger people. You must take care of your health especially disease problems. To working class people, it is important to ask for help when necessary. For entrepreneur, it is wise to take a step backward to review your venture plan as your decision-making may be misjudged. It is not conducive to business expansion this year. There will be benefactor of the opposite sex to help you in your career growth.

Wealth Luck
There will be financial and investment luck in your favour and there will be unexpected income. However, there will be great aspect of expenditure related to family, houses and children.There are financial and investment fields and houses of interest, and sometimes there are unexpected income. Beware of suspicious men when travelling home to prevent robbery.  go home robbery. For unmarried ladies, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancy, otherwise you might end up being a single mother.

Relationship Luck
This is a good year for single men and women to get married. Both are in successful career. The feeling of love can enhance the luck for couples. It will also help Tiger's friends. It is recommended that couples travel overseas to enhance their love luck. It will enhance the family fortune, strong relationships, but also longevity and fortune.

Health Luck
Take note of inflammatory diseases. Tiger's friend should exercise more to enhance physical fitness. During your birthday, it is good to release pets to enhance good karma. When you have a good career, please do not neglect your children and elderly. Pay more attention to their health. This year, as there is bad Yin, it is not good for your mother's health. If there is any funeral, it will bring adverse fortune. It is recommended family child care, and more health care for the elderly. This year yin evil to red, negative mother health, it is recommended to place a prayed spot light lamp at home to protect your mother and to protect peace.

Lucky number: 2380

Lucky Jewelry: Longevity