2014 Ox Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Ox : 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997,2009

General Forecast for Zodiac Ox
This year, Zodiac Ox friends have excellent career luck as long as you are patient everything will be smooth sailing. It is difficult to achieve anything single-handedly, one must learn to get along well with others. 
Even though this year there is wealth luck, you will realize that whatever you save, you will end up spending on your illness or medical bills of the elderly.

Career Luck
Lian Zhen Lu and Qisha is in the same palace. This is beneficial to Ox friends need to seize the opportunity to work hard and be full of fighting spirit and strive to create a career this year. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will see monetary return. It is best not to be overly stubborn and you should avoid giving the impression on being ungrateful to prevent from provoking a villain. If you receive help from a lady, it will be beneficial to your career development.

Wealth Luck
This year, Ox friends have excellent career luck along with strong stable income. With all the time and effort spent on work, Ox friends will see the harvest. This year, sheep, ram, dragon will have the help of benefactors, Ox friends should work with them to leverage your career luck. While doing a favour to others, it will also be beneficial to you. Even though this year your career luck is good, it is important not to overwork and neglect health issues which would outweigh the benefits.

Love Luck
To guard against having flinges with singles. For married couples, they have to exercise self-discipline. Strong families are the foundation of the outer struggle, and in no one chanted the wrong end of trouble.

Health Luck
Ox friends may encounter fractures, injuries and other things collisions. July is a bad month for Ox friends. If you borrow a Car from your friend, it is wise to avoid borrowing from a Zodiac horse car owner. In addition, the sun and yin conflict means that Ox friend mother health will be affected especially blood pressure, uterine problems when in need of special care. Bring your mother to a temple for a prayer and bless for longevity.

Lucky number: 2389

Lucky Jewelry: Harmony Jade