2014 Rabbit Horoscope

Those born in the Year of Rabbit : 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

This year, rabbit friends will easily feel angry and impulsive. Therefore, rabbit friends should strive to control negative emotions. ,"Family Harmony" is important to a family. Rabbit friends should beware of temptation of lust which will break up the family. For singles, you need to pay more attention to manage relationship and put in extra effort for the sake of others.This year, Rabbit friends needs to pay attention of their respiratory system and blood sugar problems. Beware of the existing illness from deteriorating.  Yintang gloomy person needs to be careful. You can light up "canopy Star" to resolve obstacles.

Career Luck
Rabbit friends needs to be careful when using the choice of words which will hurt other friends. One should not get emotional because sometimes your words or actions will offend people and suffer from exclusion which will impact your career development. Rabbit friends who are the decision makers should not take the matter lightly, take things for granted, narcissism, impulsivity only regret later.

Wealth Luck
Rabbit's friend need to be conservative in spending this year and beware of being a prey of gossip. You must beware of unassuming, blossom or bodily injury which will result in a loss of wealth. For those in the army, instead of bad fortune it will be pretty good for them. Businessmen needs to conduct Markey research before making any investment to recognize their own strengths and weakness. Your benefactor are your family elders who can help you in your business but not by borrowing money to overexpansion.

Relationship Luck
This year, Rabbit's friend is constantly faced with the temptation. They will feel rebellious, impulsive which cause them to lose their love for their partners and commit an affair. If a third party is involved, a triangle relationship, it will lead to an uproar. In the worst case, litigation in court leaving the family scandal exposed and ruined. Even if the couples breaks up, there will still be cases of entanglement. Rabbit's friend should restrain your temper and consider the consequences before deeds. To unite the family, it would be good to have family outings and taking a family photo to boost family fortune luck. When facing with conflict, couples should communicate with each other to minimize the damage and protect the hard-earned fate.

Health Luck
Likely to have blood sugar problems but also need to pay more attention to the respiratory system. If the original root cause of these remains then the more you need to pay attention to. To stay out of trouble, do dental fillings, blood donation, donate furnace is better. It is also recommended to use the help of Dharma to fight evil and as a protection.

Lucky number: 1478

Lucky Jewelry: Sabina