2014 Dragon Horoscope

 Those born in the Year of Dragon : 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

This year, Dragon friends need to keep a conscientious attitude at work so there is no need to think things too severe and complicated. By putting initiative, you will have your rewards at the end of the day. This year, Dragon's friend have excellent love luck. You need to beware of physical health problems especially the dragon male or elderly at home. If there is any pain, you should seek treatment immediately and must not be taken lightly.In general, the dragon's friend is pretty lucky this year, first tackling the difficulty and reaping your rewards subsequently.

Career Luck
This year, there will be little obstacles in your career development. Do not let your heart waver. First, have a clear understanding of yourself.  You will need to establish better networking with people. With the help of life master mascot, even impossible task will eventually be resolve. Dragon friends needs to avoid co-operating with Zodiac dog and tiger in business ventures as nothing good will come in the business venture and there will be wealth lost inadvertently.

Wealth Luck
The best way to obtain wealth this year is to do your job properly and to facilitate others when needed, this way you will be rewarded as well. It is best to avoid high risk investments this year. Dragon's friends need to pay more attention on their investments and save more for the rainy days. What most people do not understand is that sometimes luck is not accidental and it can be obtained. By placing a fortune bucket at home, it can help to expand your financial luck.

Relationship Luck
In the twelve zodiac signs, Dragon have the most successful blossom luck this year. You will have a good chance to meet your life long partner. Congratulations! For those who are married, you will have good news of childbirth. For singles, you will have many suitors this year. Since you have the best blossom luck, you will be busy with all the entanglement problems. Blossom partners would be Zodiac rooster, rabbit, ox and tiger.

Health Luck
Compared to other aspects of your luck, the dragon friends this year have the most unsatisfactory health conditions. There will be someone in the family that might require surgery. Men should pay attention to the stomach and digestive problems. It will be your own mistake for not taking good care of your health. If your father is having physical discomfort, it is best to diagnosis timely and have the appropriate treatment in order to avoid a small lesion disease that leads to bigger problem.

Lucky number: 3369

Lucky Jewelry: Heaven longevity