Taurus Horoscope: Blood Type A Personality

A type - Taurus people from the decision to start implementing things , always after a long period of time , thus giving a very pedantic slow feeling impatient mostly do not like to make friends with these people , but because of his temperament slow , careful work is particularly careful, so mistakes are rare case of failure , the chances of success are attainable relative increase .

Do you think of things to do succeed, it must be like building a house , stable foundation is to stack brick tiling above , and only stable foundation tie , the future was not easy to shake the house . So you try to cultivate strong willpower and stamina to work hard in the future as the root cause . You also have to have perseverance , today we must do the finishing today , even how to lure you , you would not put work out to play with him . Your honest man who hates vanity and deviousness . Your sincere, not like an exaggeration and submissive type of conversation. A strong sense of responsibility , others want you to do, certainly on schedule. Also courtesy Shigeyoshi Gratitude . These are the advantages of its character. The disadvantage is stubborn and less accommodating . You completely believe his views of things and values, and refused to objectively analyze and understand the views of others scoff , lack of inclusiveness and compassion.

Type A personality is like a rock stubborn , but very few people living in conflict with others. On the surface is extremely stable and the volatility of their inner feelings is quite intense, but because it is good at self-suppression , it looks like nothing is always calm . Occasionally a temper tantrum , it is because the long-term smoldering unhappiness , in the case could not help but hidden , like flash floods erupted like .

A type - Taurus person, hidden inside his modest strong self-confidence, although approachable, but the essence is totally loyal and survive on their own .