Taurus Horoscope: Blood Type B Personality

Your character is a "self -paced type ." Competition will not mess with heart or impatience at their own pace . At any time, any occasion , but also to maintain a certain pace to action. Compared to others slightly belated suspect , is a leisurely self- type . Taurus born people , hated by others, there is a tendency to disrupt the pace of their own . Is not that sophisticated , cope with changes in action or deal with things is very difficult, if not normal pace , on consecutive errors, so perhaps stubborn conservative would like to live at their own pace .

    Taurus on the thinking and actions are slowly , not suited to the activities of a hurry , do not like , like the green grass slowly graze cattle in general, like a leisurely quiet and peaceful state. This coupled with the tendency of B -type optimism , B type - Taurus people can be said to be very " laid-back person ." Is a laid-back person, not compete with others , but in order to have a goal , at work and unyielding side. It must be determined to reach , is a man of great willpower , but seriously desperate efforts , is only interested in himself before doing it, no interest , showing quite lazy and careless attitude of both the difference is quite intense.

     In addition , it is annoying to be forced or compel them , for intonation command, will suddenly ignite revolt heart, no interest will be stubborn and motionless . You are strong and realistic , not the pursuit of something for no reason , or for unknown reasons , such as the mysterious and magical , and expressed interest . Only believe what was evident reality , doing things they will do with such a down to earth attitude . Very careful , therefore slightly negative actions and thinking , but I have criticism for their negative , positive attitude also often hold on vision .