Taurus Horoscope: Blood Type O Personality

In simple terms , O- - Taurus action approach, is the " slow type ." For anything not worry , do not want the first to reach the goal , although the slow movement was able to secure the destination , this is the type of person your way of doing things . O type - Taurus is slow doctrine practitioner . What things are not anxious panic . Do not want to pre-empt the destination faster than anyone else . Although this type of person to do things slowly , but security does reach the destination , compared to those who risked their onrush maybe better.

   Not without action , but when the action is too cautious, so the action becomes slow , just like a cow trailer . When this type of person to make the decision to slow the pace , and that a decision has already lost the initiative . So, the people around them will be seen as a negative attitude to life ; rather impatient people often feel they are in a pinch for anxiety . O type - Taurus this conservative mode of action , in today 's fast-paced rhythm of society , often because of slow decision lost opportunity. This slow in handling the affairs doctrine is often a disadvantage .

    The basic conditions for success is to get things : luck , patience, perseverance . Luck is not too fussy ; patience and perseverance are O -type - the unique advantages of Taurus . In saying so , O- - Taurus success rate is particularly high? The answer is no. Luck is not every day , so you must be quick to seize the moment to disappear luck ; motionless waiting " Xicongtianxiang " who never succeed .

O type - Taurus is the kind of person who lacks a keen grasp of luck reaction , the drawback of this type of person to become the largest fatal. This type of people lack that " seize the opportunity " character . Finally, it is easy to lose the chance of success . Conversely, due to too anxious and do the wrong judgment, such a thing would not happen in your body . They use a slow pace , with patience and perseverance toward goals , and never give up halfway. If this is a race, even if finally reach the end, will try to finish the course - this is the type O - Taurus .