Gemini Horoscope: Blood Type A Personality

In some places you do not like to do regular work for large events , adventurous and irritating thing , but the ability to play outstanding . You are willing to contact with others , communication range of the majority , in community life , always stand out, outstanding performance. In the small living area or lack of change in the environment, like a caged bird you can not break through the self, creating new habitat . Such a character , plus the unique A -type conservative , thus forming type A - Gemini self-contradictory character.

Sometimes loving your free-spirited life ; sometimes wish life's calm serene image of this dual personality , quite confusing people , I do not know why its true colors .

    Others view your strange , does not it produce consciousness. You still sometimes quiet sometimes move to and live free lives . This is because your strong adaptation can be handy in two ways exigencies . However, when Gemini traits stronger than when A-type characteristics , although stable flies live on the surface , but inside as sills in the wild beasts, ready to rush out outside the threshold , been that unfettered free life. You are an " energetic activist " because of personality dictates, on any matter not blindly obey , there is dissatisfaction, for all thought , would rather do a destroyer . Such people are often the focus of public attention , or people chatting after dinner tea remaining objects , but because of their own behavior irresponsible , reckless , and refused to clean up the mess , it is sometimes difficult to get people's understanding and trust.

Almost anything you are holding on strong interest , but also want to explore further ; But one of the biggest drawback is the lack of patience. What you do , one can never loose ends to complete , so your knowledge is wide and shallow . This practice of heat five minutes , in making friends is far more obvious. You often saw the two friends , with those two decades as a confidant general treatment, but soon , as fellow travelers. It is this type of person most characteristic lies.

A type - Gemini , to live happy and rich. Because of their quick action , so a wide range of communication . Although many people know it , but mostly acquaintances , rarely confided in a friend . Dating circumstances so , so too the family situation . You will be the relationship between the couple and the family between seen very cold, feel that they are just old hermit crabs do not belong anywhere or to anyone.