Ox Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Ox Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics

If O Blood Type Ox were a leader, they would be very harsh towards their subordinates. They have a strong sense of time and self-discipline and could not understand lazy people. They are very demanding on their themselves as well as others. They are very good at memory, thinking and meticulous, reliable and thoughtful work. Such people are intolerance on small mistake, they will get upset when things do not go smoothly. They are rigid and are unlikely to change their mind once they have decided so it is easy to offend people. They are dignified and serious. Many O Blood type people have a strong business concept, viability is very strong. They are stubborn fighters in life and they have the will and the courage to work hard work. Such people distinguish friends and enemies very clearly and they will not build contacts with those enemy.

They are honestly hardworking and never speak out unnecessary. They are gentle and well behaved. They are more moderate in their lives and will try to hide their character to protect themselves by replacing an honest gentle and never fussy look. They will not compromise easily, once they are compromise, they will their principles. In addition, they will keep their agreement, disloyal, and very caring lover.