Ox Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Ox Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics

AB Blood Type Ox are good in craft works. They have their own special dish or handiwork for a living. They are simple, dignified, elegant, very polite and feelings. They are more flexible, adaptable and will decide their own behavior according to the occasion and the emotions of others, who are not easily offended. Such people understands the importance of knowledge e.g. the importance of knowledge or technology and as a reference to measure the value of things. They are more objective and not easily believe the words of others with emotion. In addition, when dating some of them will encounter relatively capable heterosexual partner, their love luck is good.

These people are cheerful, love to talk and laugh, responsive and discerning. They are relaxed in a group, have a strong ability to adapt to the environment and do not upset easily. They have leadership qualities and organizational skills and a lot of them are good diplomatic personnel. Their learning ability is very strong and have very prominent youth achievements. Overall, they are good. Women are more beauty as they have good dressing sense. They treat people politely and are very graceful. They are rare talent and has a strong ability to work and perform especially women. But sometimes they are too headstrong and loves to argue.