Monkey Horoscope Blood Type "AB"

Monkey Zodiac "AB" Blood Type Characteristics

They are very sensible, very easy to be accepted. Although the heart of the ideology sometimes very intense, but on the surface it is on good terms. They are smart, and will at the appropriate time to bring to life some of the fun but will not provoke jealousy. They do not like to stir up trouble, but more are unwilling to each other "close combat." In fact, the other side is restrained in the invisible. Most of the time they are easy-going, but occasionally it makes people around feel a noticeable distance. Most of them are people who do not like to engage in activities such as taxing fun from the game, in this way to maintain contact with friends.

Such people will be issued under ridicule others unexpected circumstances, while others provoke the jealousy envy. They are very talented, good grades, just slightly bitter. In fact most of the time they are well-intentioned, good character. Just "inspiration" one up on the edge can not control it. Many people with high IQ but also with the corresponding EQ, but has yet to be fired. They are very keen eye, there is an instant insight into the essence of penetration, and the ability to face challenges, but also need to develop more patience and global concepts.