Monkey Horoscope Blood Type "B"

Monkey Zodiac "B" Blood Type Characteristics
Among these people are of relatively high IQ monkey family, a little "Monkey" style on the character. Like a joke, son amused, intelligent and flexible, uninhibited. They thought widely agile interests, learning ability, savvy high, many people young age it is very generic. They cheerful, discerning, mentally also more rational. They are vulnerable to so much emotion, it would be better to say that they contributed to the sharp mind fast response.

Such people have a certain organizational capacity, and actively participate in collective affairs. Especially women, ingenuity, daring to explore, very assertive. Only because of sloppy and not rigorous enough, and sometimes talk will be very sharp and easy to offend people. Despite their excellent communication skills will form its protection, but jealousy, narrow-minded, impatient potential personality can only get them their own personal well-being of cicadas.

These people all have individual strengths and capabilities to see things have a very unique perspective, a very deep and thorough. Monkey chickens than people who are a little more rational and effort, but not necessarily have a strong foundation of luck and so underappreciated are not uncommon. They have a lot of people very strong sense of justice, but also very principle of doing things more concrete and bet, but by the quality of B blood type bipolar contradiction implicit domination, and some things can not be preoccupied with timely responses, and afterwards felt himself ,sorry.

Their sense of humor in life, but it soon became silent but real close when faced with his lover. When will people get good mood joking, even though they themselves are also angry fun. They are very good, but some old-fashioned concept and love and hate it. Such people doing things that some people lack a monkey sleek and flexible features, but do the work by hand and very skillful. They may temper the character is not so good, but the feelings are very sincere.