Dog Horoscope Blood Type "O"

Dog Zodiac "O" Blood Type Characteristics
They have a more dominant qualities O blood type and personality Shaw faithful dog, smart, brave, fun, stubborn, suspicious characteristics. These people were mostly outgoing, able to speak to, good communication and entertainment, and quality of B-Shaw dominant dog, like most people who like to get together with friends, the difference is that they are based more on the needs, interests , fun needs and relationships necessary. These people react faster, agile, look at things objectively, heart strong competition, so many tasks on a strong career have a great achievement. Although sometimes they love the record straight, but more rational treatment of various communication issues. In addition, since this is a dog who has the inherent advantages of temperament, so many people to dress very research, but also very modest improvement to express their own style. Some people just very serious inner contradictions, love suspicion.

The kindness they have more recessive O blood type personality qualities and Shaw dogs, silent, stubborn, narrow-minded, cautious, love fun features. These people who are more introverted, but occasionally there are special circumstances. ,They rigorous logic, opinionated, discreet, mouth few words. Although the surface looked a little quiet, but not slow stochastic reaction. Look at things by their own narrow some limitations, but for the actual needs very clear, there is a certain adaptability to the environment. Such Shaw dog among a lot of people are diligent learners, work is very practical, but some people are more lazy, not good at handling personal life chores or even go to extremes.